1 Million Cups Interview with Tracie Long

Tracie Long of Avocadough presented for 1 Million Cups Syracuse at Syracuse CoWorks.

What was holding you back from being an entrepreneur?

What was holding me back from being an entrepreneur was the lack of information and knowledge needed to start a business. The fear of the unknown and lack of a consistent, guaranteed income.

What was your worst entrepreneurial moment? How did you gain clarity and know what steps to do next?

My worst entrepreneurial moments are when I know I need some information, a product or additional information and do not know where to secure it. The steps that I follow next are seeking out resources that I feel can assist me with finding the answer.

What did you get out of today's 1MC?

Out of the 1 Million Cups presentation, I received some great suggestions on different resources in the area.

How can someone reading this help you?

Someone reading this can help me by possibly making suggestions, sharing information or connecting me to anyone they feel would be able to speak to me in respect to the food industry. A mentor that has bootstrapped a business and grown it from a start up would also be helpful